Professor Kjerstin Gruys quoted in USA Today on internalized sexism

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Women who internalize sexism may not call themselves sexist or condone overtly sexist behavior. Instead, they undervalue their talents, undermine other women and unwittingly bolster a boys’ club that has a long history of policing women’s bodies, curtailing women’s choices and protecting its own power.

“It’s almost impossible with all the double binds, but there’s this myth that if you can somehow embody all of the ideals of femininity that you’ll be protected from bad things happening to you,” said Kjerstin Gruys, a sociology professor at the University of Nevada, Reno, and author of Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall, which chronicled the year she completely avoided mirrors (while planning her wedding).

Society, Gruys said, holds up women like Ivanka Trump, who through her privilege is better able to navigate these impossible tensions, but who reinforces “the idea that everyone can manage sexism as long as they just do the right thing.”